My Research: Transmedia Storytelling. Creating Online Brand Engagement through the use of Semiotics in Multiplatform Stories.

Transmedia storytelling (TS) is a narrative structure that involves the development of a story through different platforms by using diverse types of languages, such as: text, images or symbols.In a time where consumers can search for information to make their own connections, the nature of TS can allow users to experience content and ultimately generate engagement with the audience or consumer. 

During my research I identified that there is a relationship among engagement and the use of semiotics in a TS strategy, so I developed the following relationship model to explain it:



The elements of the triangular “relationship model” are considered important pillars for the creation of a TS strategy; and I believe that having an understanding of these elements can lead to a deeper understanding of Transmedia Storytelling, and as a result, the creation of successful Transmedia strategies. 


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