Your Own Interactive Biography

Looking for original ways to create a new resume, an easy online website or just looking to improve your personal branding?

There is a powerful site that can help you create an interactive biography, it is perfect as a new way to show you skills or as an addition to your resume.

The website is called Vizify and it allows you to connect different accounts in order to obtain your information and create a fantastic visual image of your online presence, and it is very easy to do!

First, it will ask you to connect the social networks that you wish to include in your page:


Then, it will show you what your biography page will look like and there is an EDIT button where you can move and arrange every part:



After you check that all the content you want is appearing on the page, you can look at every section and arrange the content there too.



Personalize your biography, change colors and add new sections:



Then, you are ready to share your biography on your social networks! Take your personalized URL and paste it on Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook, it is that simple! 

Enjoy! and don’t forget to share your bio URL on the comments below.

Here is mine:






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