Transmedia Storytelling

This term has been around for a few years now, but recently it has been constantly used by media agencies to describe multiplatform strategies. As this topic caught my attention recently and became the main focus of my MA dissertation,i decided it was important to include it in my blog.

Firstly, lets define what transmedia storytelling is, according to Jenkins (2006) it is the art of world making and to fully experience this world, the consumers need to assume the role of hunters where by chasing pieces of information across different media channels and collaborating with each other a richer experience can be obtained. In his book CONVERGENCE CULTURE: WHERE OLD AND NEW MEDIA COLLIDE, Jenkins approaches different movie franchises that have applied transmedia storytelling to enrich the experience of the fans.

A transmedia story is developed in different platforms, where each one of those media platforms makes an independent contribution to the story, yet the content of all platforms makes a whole story.